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Cautery snare polypectomy

Rectal polyp cautery snare

Cautery snare polypectomy of rectal polyps is reserved for polyps that are too far into the rectum where rectal pull through procedure for removal is not possible. However, the polyp is still within the are of the pelvic canal. In this location, conventional surgical approach would require "cracking" the pelvis, which is very invasive. 

Esophageal polyp cautery snare

This esophageal polyp was causing partial obstruction of the lower esophageal sphincter leading to regurgitation. 

Gastric polyp cautery snare

This gastric polyp was causing partial obstruction of the pylorus sphincter leading to chronic vomiting due to partial gastric outflow obstruction. 

Only after removal of the polyp that you can actually see the pyloric sphincter. 

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