New Gamma camera. NEW scintigraphy studies... Only the best for our pets.

We are thrilled to have gotten a state-of-the-art Gamma camera that will allow us to perform many new studies that were not possible previously. We are the first pet hospital in the USA to purchase a Syngula Scintron from MiE and we are very excited about the potential that this new machine will bring us.

Nuclear scintigraphy is a common imaging modality used in human medicine, its application in veterinary medicine is still considered limited. Few facilities have the capability to offer this service, which is typically reserved for Universities. We are one of a few Specialty Hospitals in the USA to have this capability.

Nuclear scintigraphy uses very small amounts of radioactive compounds attached to drugs that travel to a specific organ or tissue and the emitted gamma radiation is captured by the gamma camera. This allows us to use physiology to diagnose diseases for instance.

Thyroid scintigraphy

Thyroid scintigraphy is very helpful not only to diagnose hyperthyroidism, but also to help rule out a thyroid carcinoma as well as to aid in the I-131 dosing protocol.

Bone scintigraphy

Bone scintigraphy can be used to help diagnose lameness for an unexplained reason by localizing the lesion. It may also help to localize bone metastasis as well.